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Whether you have a simple part, or a complicated assembly, Tomes Industries, Inc. has the capability to manufacture it quickly, economically, and on time. Tomes Industries, Inc. customers come back  time after time because they constantly strive to meet the customers' needs, while maintaining high standards of performance.

Tomes Industries, Inc. has a tremendous capacity for a wide range of products.  From sophisticated custom designed machines built for specific customer needs, to high volume component parts manufacturing, utilizing our automated precision systems, we can and will give you the best possible results.    

Tomes Industries, Inc. is not only a world class precision manufacturing business.  We also offer a wide range of innovative production products designed, developed and manufactured by the Tomes Team.  

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We stock a variety of material, contact us with your specifications.


Lifting Devices designed and built by Tomes Industries, Inc. to improve employee safety and efficiency



Tomes Industries, Inc. is dedicated to being your responsive, full-service precision manufacturing supplier.  A leader in the industry since 1989, Tomes Industries, Inc, combines technology with tradition to meet the needs of modern manufacturing.

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